Wodonga schoolkids become the teachers on health

STUDENTS at a Wodonga school are eating and exercising their way to success.

St Augustine’s is the first primary school in Wodonga, and one of only a handful in Victoria, to be awarded the Healthy Together Victoria achievement program sign.

The program supports early-childhood education and care services, schools and workplaces to create healthy environments for learning, working and living.

“Students are trying things like kiwi fruit and celery for the first time and going home and telling their parents how much they enjoyed it,” St Augustine’s health promotion co-ordinator Cathy Carden said.

Since the beginning of last year, the 315 students have been focusing on healthy eating and physical activity.

Aldi has donated the fresh fruit and students have set up a vegetable garden and hosted walk-to-school mornings each term.

Wodonga councillor Michael Fraser presented the sign yesterday on behalf of Healthy Together Wodonga, a partnership between Gateway Community Health and the council.

“The work St Augustine’s is doing is a role model for all schools across Wodonga,” he said.

“It encourages students to make healthier choices and to be more active.”

The school has eight health topics, including physical activity, healthy eating and mental health and wellbeing.