Council cuts to conference | Editorial

ALBURY councillors may soon be tightening the purse strings but it’s not ratepayers they have in their sights.

The councillors are taking a look at some of their own perks, which have been on public display this week.

Their policy allows for all councillors to attend the NSW local government conference, but consideration is now being given to limiting that number to three — the mayor and deputy mayor of the day, and one other council representative.

Last year, six of nine Albury councillors attended, at a cost of $10,544.

That was up on the previous year’s cost of about $8000 incurred by five councillors.

In the first six months of this year, councillors’ attendances at conferences have totalled a cost of $5640.

That figure was within budget and would indicate that none of Albury’s elected representatives are taking advantage of what is on offer to them — and there is no suggestion of that.

But it would seem there are savings to be made in regards to the local government conference.

It would be hard to argue the merits of having five, six or even all Albury’s councillors attend.