Panthers confident of turning tables

Lavington coach James Saker will again lock horns with Yarrawonga’s star.

“He obviously had that purple patch of brilliance that helped turn the game,” Garland said.

“He’s going to do what he wants nine times out of 10 but if we can help stop the influx, which is our job in the middle, then it will help ‘Sakes’ a lot.

“He always has a big job down there on him, which he generally does pretty well, but we need to help him out.”

Garland said the Panthers had turned to their own former AFL star, Justin Koschitzke, for guidance leading into today’s showdown.

“When you have someone like him around, who has been in the same position at the highest level, it gives you a lot of confidence,” he said.

“He’s certainly someone you listen to when he has something to say.

“He has added a lot.”