Help for sick kids a bonus | Editorial

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EVELYN Heard has had to endure battles the vast majority of children will never face.

But the eight-year-old from Albury has not let a brain tumour stop her from keeping on track with school.

That would not have been possible without the help of a program for seriously ill children.

The Ronald McDonald Learning Program has indeed been a saviour for Evelyn and her family, her mother Glynis Heard says.

It would have been easy for Evelyn to quickly slip behind the progress of her classmates at Lavington’s Holy Spirit Primary School.

Months of treatment far away from home makes it easy to lose touch.

But then came along the program, which the Heard family found out about during their stay at Melbourne’s Ronald McDonald House.

As Mrs Heard says, Ronald McDonald House allowed their family “to stay together” with the learning program an added bonus.

The program should be congratulated on the opportunities this provides Evelyn and hundreds of other children, as should her Holy Spirit Primary School classmates who gave her so much support.