Albury Wodonga Health anaethetist is in the clear

AN anaesthetist accused of working in an operating theatre with open sores has been cleared by Albury Wodonga Health of any wrongdoing.

A Wodonga patient lodged a complaint with the health service after undergoing a leg operation on June 27.

The woman feared for her health after noticing what she described as open sores between the man’s elbow and wrist.

But an investigation, which concluded last Friday, found the anaesthetist had no case to answer.

“There were no risks identified for patients leading up to this point and into the future,” Albury Wodonga Health operational director of surgical services Dennis Baker said.

“He’s been highly professional.

“He has been absolutely transparent with the organisation to this point and we have every confidence in him and his commitment to the organisation.”

“Once you understand the doctor’s condition you appreciate that there is no risk,” he said.

The patient has been informed.

“If the question had been raised at the time, the problem could have de-escalated and been resolved there and then.”