Spare them your criticism | Editorial

TWO Wodonga sisters and their children have had their holiday dream shattered after their savings were taken in a daytime home robbery.

Not content with $7000 in cash, the thieves also stole jewellery, including a bangle engraved with “baby’s first diamond”.

Clearly that was an item of significant sentimental value, but that’s a fact lost on those who would seek to do anything to avoid an honest living.

The thieves apparently entered the Wodonga home through an unlocked window and, if similar incidents are anything to go by, we can now expect criticism of the family for not securing their house.

Those that will be quick to comment that the window should not have been left unlocked can be congratulated on their ability to state the obvious.

That’s the hard-learned lesson for this family, and they hardly need to be reminded of that now.

But we can all take a lesson from their experience.

As the weather starts to warm up and we start to think about opening our windows once more, we need to heed the constant message from police to never leave our homes unsecured.

We all make mistakes, but for this Wodonga family, the price has been substantial.