Beechworth police chase keeps police on toes

A MOTORCYCLIST hit high speeds on the Beechworth-Wodonga Road yesterday in a bid to evade police.

Officers from the Wodonga traffic management unit saw a late model black motorbike travelling about 120km/h about 11.30am.

Police did a U-turn and tried to intercept the bike, but the rider accelerated and fled towards Wodonga.

Sgt Chris Parr said the rider had been wearing all black, including his helmet, and was last seen near Streets Road.

Officers were forced to call off the chase due to safety fears.

“There are other road users,” Sgt Parr said.

“It astounds you some people don’t use common- sense given there are other people on the road.

“We’ll canvas the area for anyone who knows the bike or the rider, or might have CCTV footage.”

Anyone with information can phone Wodonga police on (02) 6049 2600.