Cobram driver falls asleep at the wheel

AN unlicensed Cobram man who fell asleep at the wheel has told police his actions were “bloody stupid” after crashing into a tree near Katamatite on Monday.

The man, 37, said he felt tired when he was driving from Shepparton to Cobram about 5pm, but decided to keep driving.

Shortly after, he woke up to find himself on the opposite side of Benalla-Tocumwal Road heading for a tree.

The man pulled on the steering wheel when he woke, sending the car into a 180-degree spin, hitting the tree at about 70km/h on the passenger side.

Leading Senior Constable Bryce Tobias said it was raining heavily and it was lucky there were no other cars on the road.

The Ford sedan was a write-off, but the man escaped unharmed.

“We are coming into spring so we may get a bit of spring rain and with the weather fining up there will be more traffic on these roads,” he said.

The man was charged with careless driving and unlicensed driving.