CCTV catches would-be thieves in the act

A LAVINGTON man has released footage of two people attempting to break into his house in a bid to flush out the would-be thieves.

The duo, who had their faces covered with hoodies, attended Dave Rowe’s home on Dale Crescent about 4.40am yesterday.

After briefly walking around the yard, one of the intruders approached the house and opened a screen door.

Mr Rowe, who had been asleep with his wife and son at the time, said the door had made a noise and woke him.

“I got woken up by someone trying to come in the front door,” he said.

“I got to the other side of the door and said a few choice words to them and they took off in a real hurry.”

Mr Rowe installed two security cameras following two recent incidents.

“It doesn’t make you feel too good when you’re asleep in your bed and someone is trying to come through the front door,” he said.

“I had my family there as well.

“I posted the footage on Facebook yesterday to shame them if we can.

“If we can’t catch them, we can at least let them know that someone is watching them.

“Maybe they’ll think twice next time.”

Click PLAY to view the footage.

The footage shows two young men, one wearing a red flannelette hoodie and jeans with runners while holding a football, the other wearing a light hoodie with jeans and black shoes.

The footage was also given to police.

The football was left at the scene, but police had been unable to retrieve fingerprints due to the ball’s rough surface.

“We had a window broken a few months ago and a car had fuel syphoned a couple of months before that,” he said.

“I installed cameras after the last incident and I don’t think there’s much more I can do.

“I don’t know if we’re just unlucky or if someone doesn’t like us.”

Anyone with information can contact Albury police on (02) 6023 9299 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.