Urgent action needed on ice | Editorial

IF we did not know already, it is now official: we are at a critical point in tackling the use of the drug ice in our community.

A parliamentary inquiry into methamphetamine has revealed the need for urgent action, pointing out a dramatic increase in the purity of crystal methamphetamine has escalated both the number of addicts and the drug’s harmful effects.

Labelled an epidemic already by some, the report doesn’t quite go that far, but neither does it pull any punches on the seriousness of the issue.

Evidence from the Parliament’s Law Reform, Drugs and Crime Prevention committee’s visit to Wodonga in February featured throughout the findings.

The committee’s report says central to the solution is getting local communities to take responsibility for developing ways to stop people taking the drug.

Heartening is the fact a similar app-roach in New Zealand led to a 50 per cent drop in use of the ice.

Member for Murray Valley Tim McCurdy says the time to act is now, and the price of inaction will be significant.

Our community is already paying a price for the spread of this drug.

The solution, if it is to be found, will mean working together at every level, and politics has no part to play.