Step up fight to stop graffiti | Editorial

THE Volt Lane and Wilson Street car parks have been peppered with graffiti by some of the Border’s most artistically challenged individuals.

There were at least 50 fresh “tags” at the Wilson Street car park overnight on Tuesday, while dozens of scrawls vandalised the Volt Lane car park.

You could not call the people behind the paint can graffiti artists, for there is nothing even slightly artistic in what they do.

Albury mayor Kevin Mack hit out at the attacks, rightly describing them as mindless and senseless.

They also obviously come at a cost to all ratepayers.

Council is revising its graffiti strategy and Cr Mack is keen for that process to be fast-tracked.

There is already a tempting reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of perpetrators, with a $2000 reward.

Cr Mack says the council wants to see the community “step it up” on the issue, and raising awareness of the reward for information is a good way to entice us to do that.

One can only hope that if caught, those behind such attacks will be forcefully directed by the courts to clean up their own mess.