Mother’s act sign of times | Editorial

A BANDIANA mother has put her heart on her sleeve in a bid to get motorists to slow down.

Belinda Dobson has put a picture of her precious son on a post, with a note appealing to motorists to obey the speed limit.

After regularly seeing many driver ignore the 50km/h speed limit on Kenneth Watson Drive, the Dobson family wrote to Wodonga Council to ask that it consider a speed hump on the street.

But in the meantime, Mrs Dobson said she wanted to appeal to motorists to stop and think about the potential consequences of their lead foots.

She fears it would take just seconds for her son, two-year-old Lennon, to end up in the path of a car, and drivers who are well over the speed limit would not have time to stop.

Mrs Dobson says several parents on her street have expressed the same concerns, and given her good feedback on the sign.

She is right in pointing out that if the worst were to happen, the death of a child would not only ruin that family’s life, but the life of the driver involved.

A speed hump would force people, for the most part, to slow down. But Mrs Dobson’s sign might have a far more lasting effect.