Thieves don’t need a hand | Editorial

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SOME people just won’t listen to advice, no matter how good or logical it might be.

Wodonga thieves are having a field day as residents continue to leave their cars unlocked.

In just four months, there have been 95 reported thefts from cars — and police say the figure is probably a lot higher than that.

These amateur thieves will be satisfied with loose change, or other items that car owners may not even notice has been stolen.

In a bid for the theft to remain undetected, thieves will put things back in place. And if you have left your car unlocked, you probably won’t notice if someone has been in it.

It’s a trend police in Wodonga picked up on in May and though the rate of thefts dropped off for a while, the thieves are out and about again.

No prizes for those who might guess that June and July were a bit chilly for sneaking around in the wee hours.

But too many people are making it easy for thieves.

Again and again, police tell us to lock our cars. It’s been repeated ad nauseam.

Not locking your car doesn’t make you a criminal but it certainly opens the door to you being a victim.