Albury police prank woman's Facebook page after finding missing phone

AN iPhone has been locked-up and “charged” after being handed in to the Albury police station on Sunday.

The phone, which belonged to a Melbourne woman, became a social media sensation after police officers used it to post selfies and make puns on the owner’s Facebook page.

“You should probably put a password on your phone,” a status read with a picture of a constable above it.

“When you are ready to pick it up it will be at Albury police station.” 

The post received 149 likes and 152 shares as friends of the phone-owner commented and had a laugh with police.

Officers continued to run with the joke, posting a picture of the phone in a holding cell with the caption:

“If your worried about the battery going flat, don’t. By the time you pick it up it will be fully ‘charged’. It is a great ‘cell’ phone.”

They then notified the owner that the phone was ready to be released early for good behaviour providing the owner posted bail.

Friends who commented hailed police as “legends” and described their efforts in tracking down the owner as “epic” and “outstanding”.

Albury Police Inspector Anthony Moodie said it was a “novel way” to reunite the phone with its owner.

“It doesn’t surprise me the creative ways they come up with in getting property back to the owners,” Insp Moodie said.

“There is no issue about accessing the phone, using it for legitimate purpose to track down the owner.

“Phone users should use the locking mechanisms on their phone so if someone should get a hold of it, they can’t gain access to their private lives.”

The owner was reunited with the phone six hours after the post appeared.