Brendan Fevola caught down street at 2.34am morning of interleague match

OVENS and Murray coach Brendan Fevola has been captured roaming Albury’s main street early on the day of the league’s latest interleague flop.

CCTV footage obtained by The Border Mail shows the former AFL Coleman Medal winner and co-coach of Yarrawonga in Dean Street at 2.34am on Saturday.

Fevola performed below his best in the O and M’s 10-point loss at Albury Sportsground later in the day.

He was concussed in a third-quarter incident before returning to the field in the final term as the O and M went down to Peninsula.

Fevola attended the pre-match dinner at the league’s sponsor, the SS&A Club, on Friday after playing golf with O and M teammates as part of a team-bonding exercise.

Fevola confirmed yesterday he had a “few beers” at the team dinner, but vehemently denied attending Albury nightspots.

“I didn’t have a drink after I left the club,” he said. 

“I don’t understand what the problem is.

“It is irrelevant as I know what I can and can’t do to prepare properly for a match.

“It had nothing to do with how the team performed, interleague is done, we move on.”

Fevola admitted he used to drink beer on the eve of games when he played at AFL level because it helped him sleep.

O and M general manager Aaron McGlynn said he was “pretty disappointed” on learning Fevola was out so late.

“It is extremely disappointing if that is the case,” he said.

“It is more a discussion to be had by the board, but the horse has probably bolted because he has stepped down as coach. It would be up to them whether they wanted to take action.

“We can’t babysit them.

“But obviously it is not the best preparation for the type of game we had on Saturday.”

McGlynn said the players watched the first half of the Friday night AFL game together before heading home.

Fevola made a spectacular start to his coaching career when the O and M thrashed the Hampden league at Wangaratta 12 months ago.

But his appointment went against the major recommendation of a review panel set up in the wake of the previous loss to Peninsula two years ago.

The panel, which included league greats Robbie Walker, Paul Spargo and Jon Henry, suggested future O and M coaches not have a current involvement at club level.

Fevola said he was shattered about the loss to Peninsula, which sent the O and M tumbling down the league rankings again.

“When I spoke to the guys after the game I had tears in my eyes,” he said.