Stubbies thrown at Wangaratta pub

BOTTLE-throwing at a Wangaratta hotel has led to brothers facing charges, police hunting for three men and the publican being cut.

The incidents happened early yesterday at the Grand Central Hotel.

Police and the publican said patrons from outside Wangaratta were responsible.

Acting Sgt Amanda Meagher said the brothers, aged 20 and 18, from Benalla, would be summonsed to appear in court for assault after allegedly hitting a man over the head with a bottle sometime between midnight and 2.30am.

The man was left with a gash to his head and injuries to his face.

Sgt Meagher said three men were ejected from the hotel about 12.15am after a Melbourne man, 24, suffered head injuries.

Grand Central owner Steve Wilson said a group of men he had helped remove from the pub had then picked up stubbies and thrown them, causing injuries.

“They were ejected from the hotel and then went and found some bottles in a bin behind a nearby pizza shop,” he said.

“They threw a couple at the metal gate of the beer garden.

“There had been a lot of push-and-shove in the beer garden and security attended. Once they ejected them, it escalated.”

Mr Wilson, who has owned the pub for 2½ years, said he was showered with glass and had minor cuts to his arms.

He was appalled by the patrons’ behaviour and is keen for them to be caught.

“We’ve never had anything like that happen at the hotel,” Mr Wilson said.

“It’s really disappointing but sometimes that’s the mentality of visiting people.

“They think “no one knows who I am” and “this is not my town”. Logic just goes out the window.

“They were being ridiculous — someone could have been really hurt.”

Sgt Meagher said police also believed the behaviour was linked to a greater number of visitors in town with an event at Winton Raceway swelling the ranks of revellers.

“We had a lot of out-of-towners up the street overnight. Many were here because of a car show at Winton,” she said.

“But I don’t know whether there is any correlation between the event and these incidents.

“Alcohol-fuelled violence is obviously concerning to us.

“People need to be aware of the consequences, in that it could lead to jail terms, if not a death.”