Stripped soldier prefers bearded police

HIS mates dared him, so heavily-intoxicated Ryan Lindsay stripped to his underwear on the dance floor at Albury’s Zed bar.

But security staff didn’t appreciate it when the young soldier took off his top and shorts and shouted in front of 30 or 40 patrons. Police and, ultimately, military police were called.

The impromptu performance has had serious ramifications for the recently-graduated Army apprentice who has been posted to Darwin.

A magistrate heard yesterday that Lindsay was so intoxicated he could remember nothing of the incident and his assault of a policeman.

But he pleaded guilty in Albury Local Court yesterday to offensive behaviour and assaulting police after viewing security footage.

Solicitor Tim Hemsley said the Army had put Lindsay, 22, “on the dry” for the period and he had received alcohol counselling. His commanding officer had accompanied him to court appearances.

“He deeply regrets the incident. He is not normally a drinker,” Mr Hemsley said.

He said convictions could damage Lindsay’s aim of being posted overseas. He said Lindsay wished to “serve his country to the fullest”.

But police prosecutor Sgt Shannon Lewis opposed Lindsay escaping convictions.

Magistrate Megan Greenwood said Lindsay had no criminal history.

“This should be a matter of some shame and embarrassment for you,” Ms Greenwood said.

She said it reflected some immaturity and police had extremely difficult roles in the community.

Lindsay received a six-month bond for one matter, two-year bond for the other, both without conviction.

The incident happened about 2am on January 21 and security moved quickly to escort Lindsay out, still in his underwear.

He was approached by police who introduced themselves and asked to speak to him.

“You don’t have beards. I am not going to talk to anyone unless they have a beard,” Lindsay told them.

An officer tried to take Lindsay away from the entrance but he pulled away and hit the officer with his left hand in the chest before grabbing his appointment belt.

Another officer assisted and Lindsay was forced to the ground and handcuffed.

He was taken to the station and contact was made with military police, who took Lindsay into their custody.