Naked intruder was on cocaine

A man took cocaine before walking naked into a West Albury house where a woman was babysitting her toddler grandchild, a court has heard

The shocked woman ordered Kameron Blight out of her Mott Street home.

But Blight ignored her, instead walking into the bathroom.

When police arrived soon after they saw Blight, 25, asleep on a couch in a front room.

“The accused was completely naked,” police said in facts handed to Albury Local Court magistrate Tony Murray.

They went inside and tried to wake him up.

“However, he smiled at police and went back to sleep.”

All they could get out of him was that his name was “AC”.

They were able to identify him only after his girlfriend rang the Albury police station some time later.

An embarrassed Blight fronted court on Tuesday to plead guilty to charges of wilful and obscene exposure in or near a public place or school and enter enclosed lands without lawful excuse.

Blight, who was unrepresented, told Mr Murray he had no recollection of the incident.

“I never imagined myself in this position,” he said.

“I’m really thankful for the lady to do what she did (in calling the police).”

But Mr Murray was unimpressed, pointing out how the victim was babysitting a 17-month-old.

He asked Blight why he should not send him to jail for such a serious offence.

Mr Murray said it “never ceases to amaze” him how intelligent, high-achieving young people such as Blight continued to take drugs without understanding the danger this posed to them.

“This is a bad example of this type of offence,” he said.

Mr Murray said the consumption of the cocaine might explain but in no way justified Blight’s actions.

The court was told that Blight, a Dee Why resident who recently has been living in Albury, walked naked on to the front verandah of a Mott Street house on December 27 about 10.30pm.

The resident arrived home to see Blight leave his front yard and make his way down the street to another house.

The grandmother heard Blight open the front screen door then saw him in the hallway.

After he ignored her order to leave, the woman locked herself in the child’s bedroom and called Triple-0.

Mr Murray ordered the preparation of a pre-sentence report.

Blight will be sentenced on April 28.