Raffle ticket sales rorted

A STAFF member threw her employer’s trust back in their face by stealing thousands of dollars over several years, a court has heard.

Janet Margaret Miller worked at the Corryong Sporting Complex from December 2008 to June 2012, and had full control over raffle books and funds.

The single mother, now aged 52, used her position to steal $17,680 from the business, none of which has been recovered.

Miller’s offending was fairly uncomplicated.

She often incorrectly stated how much money she had banked and kept the cash for herself, or double-dipped on payments.

The thefts started in December 2009 and were uncovered by the treasurer in April 2012, before being reported to police.

A lengthy investigated uncovered details of the scheme and Miller was charged with one count of theft.

She must pay back the stolen cash to the business and will try to get cash from her superannuation fund to make payments.

Defence lawyer Mario Vaccaro argued in Wodonga Magistrate’s Court this week that Miller had been under a lot of stress.

“It is an offence which is a breach of trust and it is a substantial amount of money,” he said.

But magistrate John O’Callaghan said there were other ways to address workplace issues rather than stealing from the business.

“It’s a very nasty taste in your mouth when you employ someone and they throw that trust back at you,” he said.

“I think you would do imprisonment particularly hard … but you need to know that’s what your behaviour can result in.”

The magistrate said Miller had let her teenage son down and asked if she had told him about the theft.

When she replied she had not, Mr O’Callaghan urged her to fill him in as he thought her “dirty little secret” would likely become public.

“That goes with the territory,” he said.

He placed her on a two-year community corrections order over the single theft charge.

She must complete 100 hours of community work.