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RELIABLE: A reader says ride-sharing taxi services won't be able to meet the needs of the disabled. Pictured is Scott Cowie from Wodonga Taxis.
RELIABLE: A reader says ride-sharing taxi services won't be able to meet the needs of the disabled. Pictured is Scott Cowie from Wodonga Taxis.

Blow to disabled

Before my wife passed away at the age of 53 last year, she, as well as myself, used Wodonga Taxis quite extensively.

She was wheelchair-bound and needed the service of maxicabs quite frequently.

I can't speak highly enough of the kindness, consideration and attention given to my wife by the Wodonga maxicab staff.

I cannot see the ride-sharing taxis introduced supplying the same service, and I do not understand why the state government is not giving the current taxis fair compensation.

They have worked hard over the years and provided an excellent service.

The new service, as I understand it, is not that much cheaper and doesn't have the safeguards of the older service.

In short, it is another blow for the disabled.

Derek Robinson, Wodonga

Don’t boot the lot

I read with interest and somewhat amusement that some candidates for Wodonga Council are calling for a complete spill of the current council. I (and judging by the letters and articles in The Border Mail, a lot of people also) don’t always agree with decisions made by the current councillors.

However, I’d like to advise the community that sometimes, even fairly regularly, they act on advice sought out on the relevant issue at the time. Please don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

It would be a good judgement to keep at least two of the current councillors standing again to obtain a good and effective measure of knowledge and advice to the new incoming elected councillors. Experience is better than hearsay, it can’t be beaten.

Peter White, Wodonga

A job well done

I would like to congratulate the current city council and those of the recent past for an outstanding job in building a better Wodonga. These people have had vision, courage and strength to embrace change in our city from which we all benefit.

I have found there has been the ability and offer to be a part of the changes by surveys and feedback forms provided by council over the years.

Let us not forget that, we the people, supported the idea of a people-friendly city where traffic was limited, that the Logic business hub is providing jobs for our residents and will continue to do so and that there is about $280 million worth of development taking shape in the city centre.

Voters, beware of the nay-sayers of this current batch of candidates. They will stifle our growth and hold us back to the past.

Wodonga is a wonderful city, a growing city, no more just a country town.

Kevin De La Torre, Staghorn Flat

Trump fit to dump

It seems there are couple of reasons that US presidential nominee Donald Trump is not qualified to become president of the United States because he has not paid taxes for two decades. 

He used unfortunate women to parade in front of the nation to score political gain. That does not seem to conform with presidential format.

The public at large understand what rape is, and how traumatic it is on the victim. 

Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were allotted a podium to answer questions from the moderator and the selected gallery members.

When Hillary was asked a question, she moved forward to lock eyes with the person and give a direct answer. If Donald was a gentleman he would not have left his podium to loiter  behind Hillary, when she was answering.

The behaviour he imposed seems that he has a male ego and he is in control, even in the public eye, over a female. Such an egomaniac of a person seems unfit even for  the position to become a manger for a small company, let alone US president. 

J A Mamootil, East Albury