Letters to the editor

Let it go: A reader says the Murray Darling Basin Authority has taken the wrong approach to Lake Hume, which should not have been allowed to get so full.
Let it go: A reader says the Murray Darling Basin Authority has taken the wrong approach to Lake Hume, which should not have been allowed to get so full.

Too much water held back

I am writing to object to the Murray Darling Basin Authority keeping Hume Dam at 98 per cent.

What we are seeing this year is history repeating itself – we have wet years here on the Murray every 20 years, this is historic fact.

My great grandfather John Gilmour was the 11th settler at Katamatite,20 kilometres from Cobram, in 1876.

He was a farmer and, since then we have been stock agents and real estate agents so we have a profound knowledge of our weather history.

That the MDBA mainly rely on their so-called “computer modelling” is making this latest wet event much worse.

This “computer modelling” has proven to be deeply flawed and historic data needs to be included in a large way in their forecasting.

The ranges had up to 80mm of rain last night, Mount Buffalo has 20-40mm predicted this week then the prediction is for a lot more rain in late October keeping up through summer.

With extremely saturated land and forest everywhere, all this rain falling on melting snow only has one place to go – down the rivers.

Hopefully you can reason with the MDBA to create more “air space” in Hume Dam.

Peter Gilmour, Cobram

Immigration detention policies totally wrong

I hope all members of the Australian Parliament watched 4 Corners (ABC, October 17) and saw what the government and Opposition policies are doing to people in immigration detention.

The program made me ashamed of being Australian to see what these policies are doing to young people.

The boats may have stopped but the problem is now far worse to see young people on an island to nowhere and suffering humiliation and depression. It is about time we put a stop to policies and outsourcing our responsibilities and closed all overseas centres bringing the people back to Australian shores.

Also, perhaps we need a royal commission to examine the real effects of these policies. 

Hopefully a number of politicians are examining their consciences this morning, or it’s probably just water off a duck’s back to some of them. 

Let's get decency and compassion back into our Immigration policies 

Peter Hood, Albury 

Eat your greens

Did you know 95 per cent of Aussie adults don’t eat the recommended serves of veggies?

We’re often told that a healthy diet requires everything in moderation.

But the good news is veggies are one food group that, as a population, we really need to eat more of.

That’s why VicHealth is celebrating National Nutrition Week from October 16 to 22 and encouraging Victorians to take the Try for Five Challenge.

Try eating five serves of vegetables a day, as recommended in the national guidelines, and see how much better you feel overall.

These days we’re lucky enough to have access to a huge variety of delicious vegies – fresh, frozen or canned – and we can incorporate simple twists into tried and true family favourites.

That can involve adding kidney beans to spaghetti bolognese or tossing plenty of colourful vegetables like capsicum, carrot, broccoli and eggplant into a stir fry.

You can also try adding diced vegetables like spinach, mushrooms and zucchini into omelettes for a big flavour hit and to drive up your vegie intake.

Visit nutritionaustralia.org for more recipes and tips on how you can take the Try for Five Challenge.

Dr Bruce Bolam, VicHealth executive manager of programs