Family Advocacy to host workshop for families of children with a disability

Families of children with a disability can learn about the benefits of a “regular classroom” education at a workshop in Albury this month.

The workshop will provide information about what an inclusive education looks like and explore the options and supports available to parents.

There will also be the opportunity to hear from a family whose child is learning in a mainstream classroom.

“Children with a disability don’t live in a ‘special’ world so why should they go to a ‘special’ school?” said mum Marion Trabe in a short video previewing the workshop.

“There is so much evidence now to show that children with a disability do at least as well in mainstream schools as they do in a segregated setting.”

Ms Trabe said the notion of a special school was becoming a thing of the past.

“Every disability is different and children have different needs so sticking them together just because they have a disability doesn’t necessarily make sense,” she said.

“Yes school is about academics, yes we want our daughter to learn how to write and read but there is so much more to it.

“The social part of it is so important and she learns that in a mainstream school.

“When it comes to a question of knowing what kids do at a particular age, what do you wear to a disco, what music are you into at the time; well they are such important things to learn.”

The workshop is being hosted by Family Advocacy, an organisation that works with families in NSW to support the rights of people with a developmental disability.

The organisation recognises the school years can be a difficult time for families and children with a disability.

The workshop is designed to assist families in choosing the best option for their child.

“It's important to think about school holistically; your child's experience will inevitably shape who they are as they become adults,” the organisation stated.

The free One of the Kids workshop will be held on Tuesday November 29 at the Albury Commercial Club from 9.30am to 3pm.

To register go to or call 1800 620 588.