Letters to the editor

BINS: Reader Anneliese Johnston says the three bin system requires education, patience and a little effort but works perfectly well.
BINS: Reader Anneliese Johnston says the three bin system requires education, patience and a little effort but works perfectly well.

Healthy appreciation

Last Tuesday night I shuffled into the casualty section at Albury Wodonga Health’s Wodonga campus with one boot full of blood due to an unfortunate incident involving nobody but myself. 

Triage saw me receive instant attention, being stabilised and cleaned up to await the doctor. After X-rays, stitching, strapping and bandaging I was sent home some three hours later.

We are most fortunate to be served by such professional, caring and supportive AWH staff in truly modern facilities. When we need them they are there for us.

Ian Guthrie, Wodonga

Pumped up prices

Where does Prime TV get its fuel prices for fuel watch? On Tuesday night, their diesel price for Rutherglen was quoted as 130 cents a litre. Strange, as I filled with diesel at lunch time at 117.9 cents per litre at the local Mobil and it was still the same on Wednesday.

Nev Bainbridge, Rutherglen

Pensioners will pay more

In response to councillor David Thurley and “Not ‘slugging’ anyone” (The Border Mail, November 22), I would say that as the Albury Council has requested an exemption from providing a rate concession then if this proposal succeeds we as pensioners will pay more.

The NSW Government should accept their responsibilities, but we have become the salad in the sandwich.

Craig French, Lavington

Time to bin rubbish debate

I am writing in response to Ray Williams “Bins a breeding ground” (The Border Mail, November 23).

When I opened up the paper on Wednesday and began reading, I thought to myself “Not another comment about the three bin system”. Residents of Albury-Wodonga, hear me now, build a bridge using fully recyclable materials, and get over it! The three bin system is here to stay.

For Mr Williams to comment that the new organic bin system is “unknowingly creating” a “third world country” is as offensive to me as his apparent bin smell. He is making a mountain out of the proverbial, as he would put it.

Firstly, it's a bin. Flies hang around bins. Secondly, keep the lid closed. Stop opening it to see how many flies are in there. 

The three bin system requires education, patience and a little effort. If possible, keep your bin in a shady, cool area. Tie the compost bags up and seal them well. Limit the amount of time spent watching the flies. Educate yourself on what can be recycled, what can be composted and what can go in general waste. Visit the Halve Waste website and marvel at the list of what can go in the organics bin. 

Sort your waste, make the effort, and for those who still don't know, put your pizza boxes in the green bin, not the recycle bin! 

Anneliese Johnston, Lavington

Shop local a winner

I thought the recent decision at the first meeting of the new Albury Council to favour local tenders over outsiders was the best thing I have seen a council do in a long time.

If a local tender is even within the same kind of ball park as one from Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane or any outside location, surely it’s a no-brainer that the money stays local.

There should be nothing more important to a council than to keep jobs in the community it serves whenever it can. 

I’ve always found it strange that councils talk about attracting businesses to their areas but when it comes to the opportunity to do business with one of them, they back away. Go local for jobs.  

Jennifer Adams, Albury

Letter of the week

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