Wodonga police call for action on White Ribbon Day

ACTION – by groups and individuals – and not just awareness is needed to stop violence against women.

It can just be two mates having a chat and saying, 'What you're doing is wrong, it needs to stop and how can we go about getting this to stop?'

Sergeant Shane Martin

A Wodonga police officer has used Friday’s White Ribbon Day to encourage businesses and organisations to examine their practices.

Sergeant Shane Martin said the White Ribbon workplace accreditation program offered one way to expand the anti-violence movement.

“That’s where we want people to start to own it as well,” he said.

“Awareness is right up there but now we want people to take the next step. We want people to do things in their own organisations to make it a bigger picture.” 

A Benalla march, TAFE luncheon and a formal ball are some of the ways White Ribbon Day has been marked in recent weeks.

The movement aims to engage men and, through education and preventative programs, give them the tools to stop violence against women.

TAFE NSW Riverina Institute, which held a White Ribbon luncheon at its Albury campus on Wednesday, is working through the workplace accreditation program.

Riverina TAFE people, capability and culture adviser Erin Curphey said educating staff members formed a large part of the 12 to 15 month process.

“Being able to ensure that people who might be experiencing a violent situation, domestic violence or any form of violence, know that they are in good hands, basically,” she said.

“Being provided with a safe environment and our people know what to do to help.”

Mrs Curphey said the successful luncheon raised nearly $400 for the White Ribbon campaign.

Sgt Martin said men also needed to be prepared to talk honestly to their friends to improve behaviour.

“That’s what we want them to do, to have the courage to say something,” he said.

“It can just be two mates, having a chat, and saying, ‘What you’re doing is wrong, it needs to stop and how can we go about getting this to stop?’.”