Drug-drivers fined

Several drivers who took to roads in the Albury region after taking drugs have suffered the legal consequences.

Once again Albury Local Court had numerous such cases when magistrate David O’Connor made his way through this week’s lists.

Most of the accused were non-appearances, though they indicated to the court via letters or emails that they intended to plea guilty.

One of those was Emma Ruth Callan, who faced two separate charges of driving a vehicle with an illicit drug present in her blood.

The court was told the first offence took place on July 29, for which Callan was convicted and fined and given a four-month licence disqualification.

It was not long before Callan was in trouble yet again with police after they detected her drug-driving on August 21.

On this second charge she was once again convicted, but Mr O’Connor fined her $600 and gave her a six-month disqualification.

Another drug-driver dealt with by Mr O’Connor was Stephen Hadden Cummins, who too was charged with drive a vehicle with an illicit drug in his blood.

He was convicted and fined $500, along with losing his licence.

Another non-appearance on an identical charge was Simon Patrick Lanham, who was convicted and fined $500 and disqualified from driving for six months.

One other drug-related matter was that of Renee Hall.

She was convicted on two counts of possess a prohibited drug and one of possessing equipment for administering prohibited drugs and fined $1500.