Man exposed himself

An octogenarian’s invitation to a stranger to masturbate with him in a Lavington toilet block resulted in a blunt rebuttal, a court has heard.

The 81-year-old admitted to police he had masturbated in a cubicle, but denied he exposed himself to anyone.

Douglas Maurice Rolls pleaded guilty in Albury Local Court this week to a single count of wilful and obscene exposure in or near a public place or school.

Rolls, who represented himself, was asked by magistrate David O’Connor if it was his first time before a court. “Yes your honour,” he replied.

Mr O’Connor said his record indicated that was the case and proceeded to put the Lavington man – who said he would turn 82 “in a few days” – on a 12-month good behaviour bond.

Rolls escaped conviction for his crime, which police told the court happened on October 27 about 6pm.

That was when Rolls went to the public toilet block at National Foresters Grove in Wagga Road, Lavington.

About 15 minutes later, the witness to Rolls’ lewd behaviour had just finished work at a nearby business and had to stop briefly on his way home

“The witness could hear moaning coming from the locked toilet cubicle,” police said.

Police said Rolls opened his cubicle door and said to the victim “do you want to come in and have a w … ,” to which he got the reply “f … off you dirty bastard”.

At the time Rolls had his pants down around his ankles with his penis left exposed.

“The witness, disgusted in the behaviour of the accused, left the toilet to return to his car,” police said.

When he got outside he saw children on nearby playground equipment.  His opinion was they could have easily entered the toilet block and witnessed Rolls’ behaviour.

Soon after Rolls left the toilet block to drive off in his car but couldn’t go anywhere as the victim had parked behind Rolls’ car until police arrived.

Rolls later made admissions to masturbating in the cubicle, but denied he had walked out of the cubicle exposing himself.