Armed offender stopped by Taser

ARMED: A Wangaratta police officer wearing a Taser.
ARMED: A Wangaratta police officer wearing a Taser.

WANGARATTA police officers have been forced to use their Tasers for the first time after being confronted by a man armed with knives. 

Officers were called to a home about 3pm Sunday. 

A 31-year-old man had allegedly assaulted family members. 

Acting Sergeant Cohan Newton said the multiple officers attended the scene. 

“When police arrived, the were confronted by a man in an agitated state with knives,” he said. 

“He refused to follow any instructions. 

“A Taser was deployed with effect. 

“He hasn’t received any permanent injuries and no members were hurt.

“The offender was able to be safely taken into custody without injuries to anyone.” 

Police began to roll out Tasers in Wangaratta in April. 

The devices are used as an alternative to guns to prevent death or serious injury.