Jailed for attacks

A cowardly attack on a stranger he had just threatened to kill will have a Lavington man behind bars until early 2018.

Craig Anthony Turner has been given three years’ jail over an incident that stemmed from a false belief his partner was having numerous affairs.

Turner, the District Court in Albury heard this week, also threatened another stranger, who had a bottle held to the back of his neck as he was walked to a North Albury house the woman was cleaning.

District Court Judge Julia Baly SC imposed a total sentence of three years. Turner got two years and nine months on a charge of recklessly cause grievous bodily harm, with a 14-month non-parole period that will have him out of jail on January 29, 2018.

He was given fixed terms on charges including take or detain, intimidation, possess a prohibited drug and custody of a knife.

The court was told that Turner, 44, and his partner had been together for 15 years, but the relationship failed so she asked him to move out. He refused.

Police said that about a week before Easter, Turner began to display controlling behaviour including not allowing her to go to work “due to his view she was having relationships with people she was working for”.

The woman left home on March 30 about 8.45am to clean a house in Park Avenue.

About midday she heard a commotion so she stopped cleaning and looked outside, noticing Turner and a resident in a heated dispute.

Another man had been driving by when he saw Turner looking into the woman’s car. He phoned triple-0, prompting Turner to run at him swearing.

The resident had challenged Turner as he walked up his driveway.

Turner then shoved a bottle into the back of his neck and threatened to shoot him if he did not take him to get his “missus” from where she was working.

His partner opened the door and asked what he was doing, then was assaulted before Turner charged at the occupant with the bottle raised in his hand while yelling “I’m going to kill you”.

Turner struck the man, giving him multiple face fractures.