Petrol prices up to 27 cents more expensive in Albury compared to Wodonga

ALBURY motorists are paying up to 27 cents more per litre for petrol than their Wodonga counterparts. 

Prices soared to as much as $1.45 per litre in some parts of Albury and Lavington, compared to just $1.18 south of the Border.

According to NRMA spokeswoman Rebecca Page, cuts in oil production across the globe prompted operators across NSW to push prices up.

“Petrol stations across the country have been feeling the pinch after OPEC nations announced cuts to oil production,” she said.

“Prices went up almost overnight, especially in Sydney, which has flowed onto other parts of the state.

“What we've seen is some retailers in NSW jumping the gun and raising their prices in anticipation of those cuts to oil production.

“A lot of those sharp increases in NSW were artificial – it's surprising that this hasn't been felt as much in Victoria, but perhaps retailers there are a little bit more honest about their prices.”

Mrs Page said that while prices were high now, they were expected to come down again in the coming weeks.

“The good news is that prices in NSW aren't likely to go any higher than they are now, at the $1.45 mark.

“Price drops should filter through in Sydney in the next week or so, which will then come through to regional areas.”

The average fuel price in Albury was $1.28 on Monday, $1.34 on Tuesday and reached $1.41 on Wednesday – a remarkable rise in just three days. 

RACV fuel spokesman Michael Case said the price difference between Albury and Wodonga was significant, and urged motorists to vote with their feet.

“Our advice to motorists would be that it's clearly well worth the trip across the Border to fill up,” he said.

“It will reward service stations in Wodonga for maintaining lower prices.

“We've seen an attempt from some stations in Melbourne to increase prices to a similar level to what is being seen in NSW, but it hasn't stuck so far because not enough stations have followed suit.

“In the meantime, regional prices should stay the same.”