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Howzat?: Martin Park would be the best place to create a new cricket academy on the Border, a reader says.
Howzat?: Martin Park would be the best place to create a new cricket academy on the Border, a reader says.

Perfect home for academy

I wish to write to state that the most logical place and cheapest place to build the proposed cricket academy is at Martin Park, Wodonga. 

I would like to point out a few relevant facts to your readers.

In 1947, Mr Martin Trudewind sold a six hectare block at the edge of Wodonga to Wodonga council at a discounted price so the land could be used for the youth of Wodonga.

The sale was on vendor’s terms with the council paying Mr Trudewind 220 pounds for five years making a total of 1100 pounds. 

As a mark of respect to this community benefactor this block was called Martin Park.

Initially it was planned that football would only be played on No.1 oval (now called the John Flower Oval) while the No.2 oval (now called the Les Cheesely Oval) would be used only for cricket. 

For this reason the No.1 oval was developed with Pinoak trees along one side to imitate an English township cricket oval.

Practicalities have ensured that all sports are played on both ovals. To build this academy at Martin Park would realise the aim of the transaction in 1947, which was to benefit the youth of Wodonga. 

Two consultants’ reports undertaken by the council in 2003 and 2007 each detailed the six hectare asset at Martin Park and each recommended the redevelopment of Martin Park, which included the renovation of Martin Park change rooms and the grandstand as a priority. 

In two weeks’ time the refurbishment of the change rooms and grandstand will finally be completed at a cost of $600,000.

These two reports also stated the advantages of Martin Park which included three items:

- There were already two full-sized sporting ovals in the complex.

- Martin Park being centrally located and is located within walking distance of eight schools. I also mention that it is very close to Wodonga Secondary School (formally Wodonga High School), which operates on a huge block and is experienced at coordinating sporting programs.

- It is the only cricket-football complex in Wodonga that possesses a grandstand. 

All of these advantages still exist. There is plenty of room to build an administration building. For example, on the area near the old netball courts. At a time when government funding is scarce, the best advantage that Martin Park holds is that there is so much infrastructure already in place and it would be so much cheaper, thereby saving money. 

Lloyd Deane, Wodonga

Grateful for help

I would like to thank the lady who observed that my partner wasn't looking well when he was sitting alone outside Woolworths, Albury, last week.

She called an ambulance which probably saved his life. He had had a stroke and is now doing quite well in Wodonga hospital.

May your kindness return to you a thousand fold.

Patricia O'Neill, Wodonga

Changing lights not a priority

I write regarding the issue of pedestrian traffic lights depicting female figures being installed in Melbourne’s CBD.

I believe this VicRoads-approved project is a waste of money and I urge the Roads and Road Safety Minister to focus on the important issues that are facing Ovens Valley motorists.

What about fixing the shoulders on the Wangaratta-Whitfield Road and the Murray Valley Highway at Cobram East?

What about fixing dangerous intersections in Katamatite?

What about fixing lighting issues in Harrietville and Bright?

The minister’s time would also be better invested listening to Yarrawonga residents about their preferred bridge route.

Tim McCurdy, member for Ovens Valley