Is your pet leaking urine onto their bedding while asleep?

So, your pet is leaking urine onto their bedding while asleep? There are many different underlying causes for this depending on the animal’s age and other symptoms. It can also be confused with some diseases that cause a pet to urinate more frequently. Treatment will vary depending on the underlying condition, however, a urine sample will be taken for testing and this will be crucial in helping to determine the most appropriate course of action.

Incontinence in older de-sexed female dogs is usually manageable with daily treatment. In these cases, they leak urine while resting but otherwise urinate normally. The tube that transports the urine to the outside may become weakened, along with the muscles that hold urine in the bladder and in older pets they may simply just be unaware that they are dribbling urine. Propalin is the treatment of choice for this type of incontinence and helps by increasing the tone of the bladder muscles and urinary tube.

It is given in a liquid form which is usually given twice daily with food. A lower dose may be recommended three times daily if the twice daily dosing isn’t effective. Patience is required when treating a dog with incontinence, as it may take several weeks to achieve the desired result and for the drug to work its magic.   

Although your pet’s incontinence may be resolved by specific treatment of the underlying medical issue, the treatment may be for the rest of your pet’s life. Therefore, there are many important factors to be considered prior to beginning treatment for the urinary incontinence. Follow-up and monitoring of the treatment are required so that the dosage of medication can be adjusted as necessary.