Hoons be warned

A veteran Wodonga copper who has probably seen it all summed it up best.

Hoons plying their idiotic trade in the residential streets of Bandiana were, put simply, “not the brightest people going around”.

It is significant that Wodonga Highway Patrol officer Sergeant Cameron Roberts is so damning of the behaviour of the fools who have caused so much distress to the Collins family.

The fact is that we regularly have hoon drivers causing mayhem and creating undeniable danger to ordinary people in the community.

Residents of suburbs on both sides of the Border regularly speak out about such behaviour, especially when a crowd gathers in a residential street to watch hoons doing burnouts or races in the middle of the night. Many people, including the drivers themselves or their mates, even film some of the “action” on their mobile phones.

It is this that underlines the low intelligence, arrogance or simple ignorance of these people, as many cases have gone before court with such footage as evidence.

For Tash Collins though her footage might hopefully result in the arrest and charging of one such idiot.

Mrs Collins had the peace of mind to lean over her fence and film one hoon as she watched him drive his white utility at speed through a roundabout behind her home.

She has spoken of the clear indifference of the driver to her filming, underlying the dangerous bravado of these people.

Quite rightly, Mrs Collins highlighted how easily it would have been for the driver to lose control and plough through the back fence.

With her children regularly playing in the back yard, the consequences of this behaviour are frighteningly obvious.

And what makes this scenario even more concerning is the obvious disregard these hoon drivers pay to the risks.

It is inevitable that one or more people will be killed if these hoons don’t change their ways. But they just keep doing it and don’t care one iota about anyone else.

And as is usually the case, if they do wreak such carnage it is only then they will show remorse for their actions.

This type of behaviour has to be stamped out. And it is up to the public to do what they can to help, such as providing police with footage of incidents they come across.

This could save a life.