Pair ‘warned not to go to authorities’

TWO people allegedly involved in a Lavington shooting have been denied bail amid concerns they would interfere with witnesses.

Garry Richard Phillips, 30, and Roseanne Jackson, 47, appeared in Albury Local Court this week following an incident that left two men with bullet wounds last August.

Police allege Phillips, Jackson and two others kidnapped the pair over stolen money.

They have been charged with detaining the men at Jackson’s home in Parnall Street and shooting the pair between 3pm and 4.10pm on August 17.

The matter only came to light when one of the victims went to Albury hospital three days later when the wound in his foot became infected.

Glen Michael Jennings and Luke Alan Taylor have also been charged.

During a hearing for Jackson on Wednesday, magistrate Tony Murray told the court he had concerns the alleged offenders would influence witnesses if released from custody.

He read out threats allegedly made against the victims.

“Don’t tell no c---, don’t go to hospital (or) you’ll get one in the head.

“Shut the f--- up, don’t say nothing to no-one.”

One victim was also told to think of his son, and Mr Murray said the fact the gunshot wounds were not treated suggested threats had likely been made. 

Defence lawyer Graham Lamond said his client denied organising anything.

“She does not concede that she behaved in that way at all,” he said.

The case rested with the word of only two people and there were concerns about their credibility, Mr Lamond said. 

Jackson has also been charged with having $7120 suspected of being the proceeds of crime.

Police are awaiting ballistic reports on the projectile found in one victim’s foot. 

Phillips was arrested eight days after the incident following a motorbike crash. 

His lawyer, Chris Halburd, said he may have suffered a brain injury in the incident, which would be easier to get examined if he was released on bail. 

Mr Murray denied bail for the pair and they will return to court on April 3.