Daniel Tobias’ Orchid and the Crow opens 2017 HotHouse Theatre season by tackling life's big questions

Daniel Tobias’ much-anticipated Orchid and the Crow opened the 2017 HotHouse Theatre season on Tuesday.

The talented Tobias recounts the story of his cancer diagnosis in his late 20s, leading him to question his faith, as an atheist in a Jewish family, and finding his own God to take inspiration from.

He does it with wit and humour. Abraham’s covenant with God is told as a traditional cabaret number, concerns about “tummy pains” draws inspiration from 1950s era western musicals.

In there, too, is a healthy dose of Aussie rock as he asks: “Who wouldn’t want to be blessed?”

Tobias deliberately went for variety, it is the spice of life after all.

The show is not so much about cancer but, rather, about the questions life puts to us – and our search for answers.

Orchid and the Crow performs at the Butter Factory Theatre, Gateway Village, Wednesday (6.30pm), Thursday (11am and 8pm), Friday (8pm) and Saturday (3pm and 8pm).

For tickets contact (02) 6021 7433 or visit hothousetheatre.com.au.