Priest does not represent us all

I REFER to your article “It’s sex abuse, churches say in letter” (The Border Mail, July 21) in relation to the council’s acceptance of a strip club in Albury.

In this article you quoted a letter from Lavington Catholic priest, Dr Peter Murphy who said “the population in the Albury region strongly opposes the activities proposed that degrate human dignity”.

I don’t care what his moral or ethical stance is on any issue, but Dr Murphy has no right to represent me, or anybody else without consent.

Me, my family (immediate and extended) my friends, my work colleagues, or associates.

In fact nobody I know was asked by him, nor representatives of his organisation for their opinions on this subject, yet he says “the population in the Albury region strongly opposes”.

So, exactly who did he ask to be able to cite what the population does or does not want?

Dr Murphy has no right to deem to regulate the general public.

People in his position, who make sweeping statements unfounded by fact, should hesitate until they know what they are talking about.