Jail time for fake car sale deceit

A JUDGE has sent a strong message to a woman who gave a false document to court, jailing her for up to a year.

Bianca Meredith, 22, was ordered to surrender her Holden Astra after a string of offences, including reckless conduct endangering life, repeat disqualified driving and drug driving.

She had been pulled over in Tallangatta on February 12 last year while disqualified and sped off when told it would be impounded, and a notice was served three days later ordering her to hand over the car. 

Rather than do as she was ordered, Meredith wrote up a false sales receipt to PO Box 123 in Broadway, NSW.

She claimed to have sold the car to a friend in Perth for $800 when spoken to by officers.

Meredith presented the receipt to the Wodonga Magistrates Court on June 28 last year and police tried to locate the friend she claimed to have sold the car to.

It appears the man does not exist.

Officers raided Meredith’s new home in Croyland Street, Wodonga, last July, and found the car parked in a garage.

A female officer was attacked when she tried to retrieve the vehicle.

Police also found a receipt book inside the home that the 22-year-old had used to write the false document.

She was charged with perverting the course of justice, falsification of a document and assaulting an emergency worker.

Judge Geoffrey Chettle said presenting the fake receipt was not a matter taken lightly by the legal system.

“Attempting to pervert the course of justice is a serious criminal offence,” he said.

“Your conduct strikes at the heart of the justice system.

“You have a history of a lack of respect for the law.”

People needed to understand “conduct like yours will not be tolerated”, the judge told her.

Despite her criminal record, Judge Chettle said her prospects of rehabilitation were “reasonable”.

The Wodonga County Court on Monday heard Meredith had depression, anxiety, and was impulsive, reckless and sensation seeking.

She is said to have post traumatic stress disorder and struggles to control her rage.

Lawyer Mario Vaccaro described her as “a very fragile young lady". 

Meredith and her partner both broke down when told she would receive a 12-month stint in jail.

She must serve three months behind bars before becoming eligible for parole.