Bernie Squires | Important questions you need to answer

Internationally acclaimed business thought leader Simon Sinek was recently in Australia for a round of seminars and workshops.

Sinek asserts that your customers don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. Do you know your why – your core purpose for being in business?

If it is purely about making money, then your tech savvy, value, community and environment conscious 21st century customers are seeing straight through that and shopping elsewhere.

If you can’t think of your businesses why, ask yourself what impact is your business having in its community? On its environment? What legacy would you like to leave?

Where is your business adding the greatest value? What makes you and the business come alive? What activities don’t really feel like work and where are your innate strengths?

Answering these types of questions can help a business define its why.

If you do know your why, are you telling your customers? Telling your story and being a little vulnerable are things that people really relate to.

Think about it – most of us have been in some great presentation or seminar, with some amazing information and intelligence being presented, but the thing we remember, the thing that sticks with us long term, is the seemingly irrelevant story the presenter told.

Story telling, just like music and lyrics, evokes an emotional response that the brain is able to remember.

So if you want to be remembered by your customers at the critical moment of purchase, make sure they have heard your story, and having it consistently repeating by you and your staff won’t hurt either.