Speeders intercepted at almost 200km/h

TWO speeding drivers have had their cars impounded after being detected at 192km/h and 181km/h at Wangaratta. 

Police caught the first driver about 7pm on Sunday as part of the long weekend Operation Nexus. 

The Sydney man had been travelling north on the Hume Highway, on the way back to his home, at 181km/h when he was intercepted. 

The 20-year-old's vehicle was impounded. 

The same highway patrol officers caught a Melbourne man, 36, travelling south on the highway about two hours later. 

He was travelling at 192km/h in the 110km/h zone. 

The man's vehicle was also impounded. 

Both drivers will have to attend Wangaratta Magistrates’ Court at a later date. 

Acting Sergeant Matt Beel said the risks posed by travelling at those speeds were “catastrophic". 

“The highway patrol members were left wondering what it takes for the safety message to get through to people,” he said. 

“It's staggering. 

“Your behaviour impacts others on the road. 

“People just need to drive safely.”

Acting Sergeant Beel said crashing at that speed would have been fatal not just for the two drivers, but possibly those they hit. 

The Victorian operation will continue running until Anzac Day. 

“It's a targeted patrol for traffic,” he said. 

“The main priority is reducing the harm and risk on the roads and reducing the road toll. 

“People need to monitor their speed and fatigue.”

Two people have died in car crashes in the region in recent days. 

Three drink drivers have also been caught by officers in Wodonga.