Grinspoon - Six To Midnight

Grinspoon -Six To Midnight
Grinspoon -Six To Midnight

IN July 2007, Grinspoon frontman Phil Jamieson fronted up to an Andrew Denton interview and bared his soul about his addiction to the drug Ice.

Jamieson admitted his problem had almost ended his marriage and the popular band.

A cleaner Jamieson returns here with Six To Midnight.

But don’t call it a comeback, or so sings Jamieson on the powerful single Comeback.

While refreshing to have Jamieson in a clear state of mind, Six To Midnight doesn’t rewrite the Grinspoon rulebook.

It’s tried-and-true, sometimes tired-and-true, but fans will be rapt with tunes like Premonitions, with its familiar Grinners’ riffing, or the beastly opening duo Dogs and Run which is certain to be staple of the live set.

A gem in Summer, timidly hides at the end of the CD and is well worth discovering.


IN SHORT: Clear-headed