Kangaroos coach Ben Jeffery upset with draw against Brothers in Group 9

KANGAROOS coach Ben Jeffery was left shattered after his team’s 28-all draw against Brothers at McDonald’s Park on Saturday.

Kangaroos coach Ben Jeffery was shattered with the draw.

Kangaroos coach Ben Jeffery was shattered with the draw.

After leading 28-12 early in the second-half, Jeffery’s side fell in a heap to split the points.

A fateful Roos error in the 77th minute handed Brothers skipper Peter Little a try to level at 28 apiece, leaving winger Harold Kirby to shoot for the conversion from wide out.

When Kirby’s attempt was pushed across the face of the posts, the last play of the day was left to Kangaroos captain-coach Ben Jeffery with barely 25 seconds left.

Desperately trying to salvage more than one point from the wreck, Jeffery took a long-range shot at field-goal, but was well off the mark.

 “Disappointing ... 28-12 up you go on and win that,” Jeffery said.

“You’ve got to on and win those games.

“That’s very disappointing. It’s not good enough, simple as that.

“We fell into their bull---- type of footy.”