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Leave it to council

Is Mike Eden being purposefully provocative, or is he trying to further alienate the ratepayers of Federation Council?

Over 70 per cent of responses to Federation Councils’ survey wanted a 50-metre outdoor pool. In Wednesday's Border Mail, Mr Eden claimed the people he talks to want a 25-metre pool. Is this a targeted audience Mr Eden?

WAIT: Federation Council administrator Mike Eden should not be making any decisions that will have a long term impact before a council is elected, a reader says.

WAIT: Federation Council administrator Mike Eden should not be making any decisions that will have a long term impact before a council is elected, a reader says.

Mr Eden said he could make a decision on a 50-metre outdoor pool or 25-metre heated indoor pool before councillors return in September.

My understanding was that a Council administrator doesn't make major decisions that are going to have long-term consequences for ratepayers.

Mr Eden should continue in his caretaking role until the ratepayers of Federation Council democratically elect those they want to represent them. Back off Mr Eden.

Leea Swasbrick, Corowa

Let’s not have secrets

Well done Wodonga Council, how do you silence volunteers? Where is their employment agreement stating they cannot talk to the media? What was the threat? Speak up and we will sack you? Fait accompli for the visitors centre staff.

Please provide a copy of their work agreement so The Border Mail can publish it for us all to digest.

This would appear to be another example of the secret behaviour of this council, who also don't want their meetings taped because they already consult enough to the public.

Yes, they appear to consult but rarely listen, take note and never act if the view, idea or opinion differs to their plans.

When both the Woolworths centre and Mann Central are complete with anchor tenants and virtually no specialty shops due to the exorbitant rents being asked, then Wodonga's residents and visitors will see the direct results of local government run amuck with its own agendas and only interested in rates revenue to sustain its excessive spending.

The “city heart” will soon need a quadruple bypass.

Paul Upton, Wodonga

Don’t split the CFA

As CFA volunteers of some standing and experience we do not support the Daniel Andrews’ campaign to split the CFA into a country volunteer-only body.

We are not happy with the closing of 35 volunteer stations, which will diminish volunteer numbers.

Many CFA District headquarters are struggling to supply equipment to volunteer members. The fact that $47 million was taken out of the emergency management state budget further diminishes our volunteer capacity.

Bill Robinson 1st Lieutenant (25 years), Josh Robinson 4th Lieutenant (15 years), Merilyn Brend-Robinson CFA Volunteer CIS Peer (20 years), Kalorama-Mount Dandenong Rural Fire Brigade

Old habits return

What is it you just don’t get Wodonga Council? Well done to the volunteer lady from the Tourist Information Centre. Seems like we are back to the old days of Wodonga Council and their secrecy tricks.

We have a whole lot of tourism money just waiting to be taken up by the smart people. Not Wodonga though. Just let someone else get the benefit of all those dollars.

I hope we won’t have to say ‘I told you so’ when all our lovely new shops start to close.

And we are still waiting for our no through road sign, which we started discussions with council only about 2 years ago. Bring on council elections.

Glenise Mcfarlane, Wodonga

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