Archie Thompson implores AWFA clubs to get behind Murray United

IT'S TIME TO CHANGE: Archie Thompson would like to see the local soccer community united to make the most of the immense talent throughout the region.

IT'S TIME TO CHANGE: Archie Thompson would like to see the local soccer community united to make the most of the immense talent throughout the region.

It saddens me that AWFA clubs are refusing to come on board with Murray United.

Surely it's time to put personal differences or club allegiances aside to give the kids their best shot at playing at the highest possible level.

What baffles me is that you’ve got kids who want to be professional footballers, they want to be in the A-League, they want to go overseas, they want to play at a high level in NPL and you’ve got guys that are quite happy to hold these talented players back in a local league in Albury-Wodonga.

It’s a pathway and the quicker clubs jump on that around this region, the better it’s going to be for everyone who wants to better themselves.

There’s so many talented players out there.

Even my sister said there could be one or two at Twin City that could do a good job in the NPL.

If anything, these other clubs should be feeder clubs, they shouldn’t be sitting back thinking they’re the biggest club in the region.

Feed the talent to Murray United, because Murray United is the team that is going to push kids in the right direction if they want to be professional footballers.

They’ve got the resources to give young players the best possible shot.

It gives them a platform, a pathway.

I’m passionate about the area and there are people that have lived here for a long time that are really passionate like Pedro (Afonso) and his brother David.

(James) Coutts is really excited about where the team is, but there’s three or four players that still need to be in this club for us to be competitive.

With the resources they have, I couldn’t be more proud of what the team and club has done.

I would like to know who these people are who don’t want to support Murray United, because they’re the ones that are damaging football in this area, not anyone else.

If anything, Murray United is trying to help that, it’s really ridiculous.

My time at Murray

It’s been more than what I expected and then some.

After I got over the initial level I’m used to and I let go of a few things like ego, all that sort of stuff, I would actually have to say Murray has given me that passion again in football.

Over the last couple of years with (Melbourne) Victory, I wasn’t enjoying the football because it was always so structured and you couldn’t really express yourself on the field.

When I came to Murray United, obviously the role changed and I had a little more freedom than what I had been doing the last few years at Victory.

The players, the coaching staff, the club, the supporters made me feel really welcome and it felt like a family.

At the top level, it’s a different feel because it’s more of a business, there’s more pressure, but with Murray there’s a great family feel.

I have to say thanks to Pedro and the Afonso family because they made this all happen and I’m very grateful and enjoying it again.