Man allegedly held knife to victim's throat while demanding cash

A MAN accused of holding a knife to his victim’s throat while demanding money has been refused bail for the second time this year.

Detective Senior Constable Jeff Highthorn on Friday told the Ballarat Magistrates Court Danny Geard forced entry to a Delacombe house on October 12.

He said Geard, an ice user, demanded money from the victim and put his foot through a coffee table before holding a knife to the victim’s throat.

Police allege Geard returned to the house with the knife and forced entry, smashing a window.

Defence lawyer Maddie Carroll said Geard wanted bail because a committal hearing that was to be held in May was adjourned to August.

She said Geard had been assessed to take part in a court program, which would help him if bail was granted.

But magistrate Ronald Saines said Geard had breached court orders four times between 2002 and 2016 by reoffending, failing to answer bail and not completing the order.

Geard, who faces aggravated burglary and drug charges, will return to court on August 10 for a committal hearing.

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