Fair Food Forager app covers Border and North East restaurants and cafes

THE new Fair Food Forager app is putting sustainable food on the map.

Fair Food Forager spokeswoman Katrina Ginnivan said the free app was generating social change.

“Through supporting local priorities via our ethical, sustainable and waste icons we can help educate the consumers and give them the information to make a valid choice, thinking about all aspects of their food system,” she said.

Sustainable Activity Centre director Claire Greenhaigh said food waste was a big problem.

“I’ve been inundated by people wanting to know what they can do to change our local food systems after the ABC’s documentary War on Waste,” she said.

For details on the app visit: fairfoodforager.com.au.

Wodonga Local Food Network is also tackling some big issues in local food systems.

Spokeswoman Megan Hunt said that strengthening the local food system was a key focus of the local government areas on the Border and North East.

“There’s a lot happening and now is the time to work together to join the dots across the different sectors such as hospitality, health, food relief, environment, sustainability and local tourism,” she said.

The network helped develop the Wodonga Food Strategy, which is creating community action groups to produce outcomes.