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Destined to be fossils

Homo sapiens are the most recent contestant in the evolutionary quest for survival. Our species is unique in the ability to think and reason in comparison with all other species.

We don't realise that our knowledge of life is finite and the knowledge of life is infinite.

We will most likely never fully understand the origin of the universe or where we came from and if there is a reason why.

We evolved and didn't understand the environment we existed in so we made up superstitious deities to explain phenomenon and so arose religions. Our abilities enabled us to use the environment to suit our needs and wants instead of living within it.

We overtook the Biosphere which we are paying for today and will into the future. We think that we are not just another animal but something special that should have eternal life.

Humans are the only species on earth that has so many living defective individuals with all medical facilities fired up to keep them alive regardless. Why?

Natural selection is gradually being erased which, under normal conditions, keeps a species under check by eliminating the weaker and defective individuals.

Humans are just another animal with animal instincts hence all the requirement for the rules, regulations, prisons, police, rehabilitation centres, violence control , etc trying to contain them.

Why should our species need any control? What other species has an overlord or has any control from within by other members? Why do we keep trying to keep the economy moving “forward” at the cost of stuffing up the entire Biosphere??

We can only lose and we will.

We won't be the only loser on the fossil record. Ninety-nine per cent of all life that has ever occurred on this planet is in the fossil record. Will we be there one day? I certainly think so. 

Sumner Berg, Beechworth

It’s Pollie propaganda

When are we going to be free of last century’s politicians who continue to rabbit on about global warming being caused by carbon dioxide.

Their atmospheric propaganda has no basis in science and they are using fear-mongering as a crass method to advertise themselves politically.

HOT AIR: A reader says there has been no global warming for about 20 years and there is no statistical correlation between carbon pollution and global temperatures.

HOT AIR: A reader says there has been no global warming for about 20 years and there is no statistical correlation between carbon pollution and global temperatures.

There has been no global warming for about 20 years and there is absolutely no statistical correlation between atmospheric carbon dioxide (or carbon pollution as they ignorantly call it) and global temperature. These are undeniable facts.

We don’t expect honesty from politicians but is it too much to ask that they should stop damaging our economy and putting us to unnecessary expense in respect to our power needs?

D. A. Corbett, Albury

Neglect a disgrace

The train line through Albury-Wodonga is the Sydney to Melbourne link by rail and its importance is obvious and the neglect of this line is a disgrace.

It is time the rail link between our two major capitals was repaired to meet international rail standards like those experienced in Europe.

Trains link cities with modern, fast, on time and reliable services that are used by locals, tourists and business men and women.

They are all able to use those trains to have meetings and work while travelling with all the up-to-date internet requirements.

The aims around our local rail issues are a patch up and not what is required.

A good quality rail service between Melbourne and Sydney would spread population and provide a boost to many regional towns.

The poor state of train services here should be far more important than the new second Sydney Airport that was rejected by the private sector outright. 

Stuart Davie, Corowa