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Wodonga leading way on visitor centre cut

I spent three years travelling around this country. I've seen them all big and tiny but everyone was a welcome sight to a weary traveller, a friendly local face a warm welcoming smile and a wealth of local info’. You can’t get this on the computer. Please re-consider, your decision is going to be very detrimental to the area and all its businesses, events and people.

Robyn Summerrell

Talk to people anywhere in this country and say you come from Wodonga they say “where?”. They only know and heard of Albury. Wodonga is still classed as a backwater town. Susie Young

I'm in the UK at the moment. Every little place from England to Wales and Scotland has a little tourist info’ centre with some very helpful and informative real people. Wodonga is a disgrace. Bruce Cook

It's the same here! As tourists in California we loved popping in to the info’ centres. Meredith Lane

Should have moved it to somewhere like Junction Square. So narrow minded. Do they really think someone with a caravan for example is going to drive around looking for a terminal? Short answer is no and they will drive on to Albury or Wangaratta. Delia Jackson

Set-up to fail by Wodonga Council who obviously have more “important” things to spend money on. A visitor centre is the first place I go in a new town. Evidently the council doesn't want tourists here.

Amanda Bartels

Winners and losers in Albury budget

I'm still in shock that the school would even put this request forward. Why can’t they wear the uniforms they already have? Kate Young

Great result for the men's shed. They are in a cramped situation at the moment and this will help them to expand and grow as the Thurgoona suburb does in years to come. Ian Crane

Well done, gentleman. I am so incredibly pleased that the men's shed was awarded this grant. Richly deserved. Graham Slingsby