Dealer’s family threatened over ice debts

JAILED: Kieran Heather
JAILED: Kieran Heather

THE BROTHER of an alleged ice dealing ringleader has armed himself with weapons after receiving threats over drug debts.

Benjamin Paul Heather allegedly supplied methamphetamine in deals of up to half a kilogram before his arrest at his Lavington home in February.

Police seized $7000 cash, firearm parts, bags of drugs and mobile phones from Ben’s Parkland Drive home during a raid.

During a hearing for his brother Kieran on Wednesday, the Albury Local Court heard Ben’s “significant” drug debts had seen his family threatened.

Kieran and his mother’s home has been broken into as Ben spends time behind bars.

BROTHER: Ben Heather is arrested at his Lavington home earlier this year.

BROTHER: Ben Heather is arrested at his Lavington home earlier this year.

Kieran was arrested with a batton and knuckle dusters at the Springdale Heights Tavern on Anzac Day, which the court heard had been for his own safety, and will be sentenced next month. 

He was jailed on Wednesday after a punch-on with a fellow criminal during community work.

The 21-year-old was ordered to perform community work as part of his sentence last year for drug dealing, but repeatedly failed to show up or called in sick.

He had completed only two thirds of the required 30 hours of work, which had followed his release from prison.

Kieran breached the order in early April after a fight with another offender which resulted in a window being broken at the Flying Fruit Fly Circus building. 

Magistrate Tony Murray told him he had been given opportunities time and time again, but failed to change.

“In simple terms, he’s run out of chances,” he said.

“He's had the turning points in his life and unfortunately, he hasn't taken them.”

He was jailed for a month for failing to complete the community service order.