Fishing | Trout waiting game begins

G’day fishos. 

It’s that time of year where debate begins among local fishos …

Are the trout are going to show up and play the game in Lake Hume?

Very few have been sighted so far which is making me, and I’m sure quite a few others, very nervous.

I know it’s still early days, but with a bit of cold weather about you’d have thought there’d have been a report or two by now.

I could be way off the mark, but I reckon a lot of those great fish we were catching below the wall, and still are catching, were trout that spilled over while the gates were open during winter/spring last year.

It’s created fantastic fishing in the river, but makes you wonder if it will impact trout fishing in the lake this season?

Last season was probably a little down on the previous couple but still produced some rippers.

Obviously not all trout would have come over, and with all the subsequent releases, I suppose there’s no reason to think we shouldn’t have another good season!!

Just me being nervous again!

Their numbers might not have been as high as some, but all fish were in great nick and a bit larger on average as their best ten fish were around two kilos better than the nearest rivals.

Russell Mason

I’ve been away for a couple of weeks and while I was gone my son Ben and his partner, Janelle Pigdon landed our third grandchild, another keeper.

Morgan Louise Mason weighed in at 6lb 8oz and went 48 centimetres (just inside the slot limit for babies)

All are going well and I’m (nervously) looking forward to the day I can take all three granddaughters out for a fish.

Dartmouth fished really well for the Dart cup last weekend.

We haven’t hear exact numbers, but believe more than 1000 trout were caught with lots of fishos bagging out.

I spoke to a member of the winning team during the week and their secret was to get among the timber and cast soft plastics and Jackals.

Their numbers might not have been as high as some, but all fish were in great nick and a bit larger on average, as their best ten fish were around two kilos better than the nearest rivals.

Streams are now closed in Victoria until Sept 1 and until the start of the long weekend in October in New South Wales.

Lake Hume has still got some decent reddies coming out, but it’s the same old story - you’ve got to find them.

There’s also been the odd cod coming out in the past week or two, mainly on the troll.

Mulwala has also produced some decent cod this week and could be well worth a visit.

Most I’ve been hearing about are on the troll, but also heard of a couple over the magic metre caught casting swimbaits.

Also a big thanks to Graham Wilson for filling in for me while I was away eating barra and mud crabs during the past couple of weeks.