Embed innovation in business culture | Roger La Salle

A half-time talk by a team coach can give a burst of inspiration, an adrenalin rush and the motivation to get you out there to make an amazing contribution. It’s quite remarkable, the abstraction of inspiration can be clearly visible in physical outcomes with players lifting their game - at least in the very short term.

So too with motivational business speakers. Always great to listen to, they give you a lift and you leave their session walking just a little taller ready for action. But how long does this last? In general it’s very short-term.

Great businesses have a great culture and, much like with motivation, the abstract term of culture is clearly visible. You can see culture simply by walking around a business, observing the people, the facilities, the desks and the way people speak, move and interact. 

In my business of innovation and opportunity capture, the same may be applied, except there is a difference. If you want the art of innovation to “stick” you need to get to the essence of the business, the business DNA as we call it. This is where a culture change is made, where the tools of change are rolled out; not to be just experienced, but to be embedded.

Unlike the home gym that you may buy in a fit of inspiration and soon discard as long-term hard work and not really much fun, with innovation you achieve results immediately, not in months but on the very first day. 

Like a golf swing, when done properly the beauty of innovation is in its simplicity. Innovation is a culture, keep it simple, inspired by capability, method, tools, practice and outcomes. Do this and see an outcome that is clearly visible.

Roger La Salle, trains people in innovation, marketing and opportunity capture.