Parkdale plumber Brett Aiken sinks The Great Lake Moodemere Hole in One at Lake Moodemere Estate during Rutherglen Winery Walkabout 2017

A PARKDALE plumber will donate half his winnings from a Rutherglen top shot.

Brett Aiken won $1000 in wine in The Great Lake Moodemere Hole in One at the Winery Walkabout.

He pledged half of the winnings to the Chloe Saxby Foundation.

With the green floating in the lake, The Great Lake Moodemere Hole in One had not been claimed since 2013.

Mr Aiken, 37, who is not a member of a golf club and doesn’t hold a handicap, made the shot with a 9 iron.

Lake Moodemere Wines co-director Belinda Chambers designed the golf challenge to celebrate her father Pat Burley’s 80th birthday a decade ago.

Mr Burley played at the Huntingdale Golf Course in Melbourne and designed and built a course in the Libyan Desert for the US Air Force where he was golf pro.

Mr Burley, who was visually impaired, relied on his friends to give accurate details about the hole.

Mrs Chamber said he scored the hole in one on his first shot.

The hole in one was last claimed in October 2013 by Croydon man Phil Dally.

A 90-metre approach shot onto the floating green with a hole the size of a 9 litre bucket might not seem hard yet success has eluded golfing champions, professionals, enthusiasts and rookies.

A total of 20 per cent of the proceeds from The Great Lake Moodemere Hole in One go to Operation K9.

Operation K9 is a joint program provided by the Returned Service League and the Royal Society for the Blind. Dogs are given to veterans of the Australian Defence Forces who have a diagnosed post traumatic stress disorder due to operational service.

The Great Lake Moodemere Hole in One is open seven days from 10am to 5pm at Lake Moodemere Estate cellar door at Rutherglen.